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The innovative design of the Total Protection quiver is not a traditional quiver, but meets the criteria of an ultra-compact carrying system.
Unlike regular quivers, this offers unmatched levels of protection for 12-foot or shorter two-piece rods.
Utilizing our Hardwall construction, to provide a protected and stiffened main rod sleeve and extra reel protection, the top-loading design minimizes the chance of line damage. Designed in collaboration with Korum consultant, Gary Knowles, to deliver the ultimate quiver system.
A quiver system where you can walk past bushes etc. Without fear of damaging your rod, reel or line.
Stiffened and protected main shaft sleeve, fully divided Hardwall construction Stiffened protection
and padded for the reels
Designed to provide perfect carrying balance
Separate zipped bankstick/landing pockets
Reinforced pockets and EVA base Pocket for
umbrella with loading
from top 35cm wide, 25cm deep, 190cm high.