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Trabucco Taper Leader monofilament is the product you needed for your surfcasting fishing sessions. It is sold in 10 tapered rigs of 15 meters each. These nylon lengths are perfect to use as conical shock leaders and reach even long distances while casting with heavy weights.

The larger diameter than that of the reeled line allows you to make exceptional casts without the risk of breaking the line. This is also thanks to an incredible resistance to abrasion and traction of these lengths of wire.

These coupling leaders give you the possibility to develop an incredible casting power always guaranteeing the necessary resistance even with the use of heavy leads.

Taper Leader has the following features:

  • Conical shock leaders for surf casting
  • 10 pieces of 15 meters each, wound on the reel
  • Ceramic treatment for enormous abrasion resistance
  • Great linear tensile strength