SELEKTOR XS MULTI TRABUCCO 3.30 m - 3.60 m - 75 g

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Series of particular interest for the possibility of increasing the length of the rod thanks to the quick coupling of a 30 cm element, overcoming the need to use an extra-long terminal, or obviating the problem of excessive dredging of the line in current.

In competition, as during a normal fishing session, the use of the appropriate rod for the changing fishing conditions is more important than one thinks, and so converting the rod into a different one is truly an extra weapon that can keep us in contact with the fish.

So two rods make up a range of four lengths, capable of tackling canals, lakes and large-flow rivers with equal ease.

The equipment of three carbon quiver tips confirms that the Selektor is a series of a certain technical level, with light and powerful blanks, obtained thanks to the use of CX-1 high modulus carbon.