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The Hog Impact 4" Softbait of the brand Keitech is a softbait very versatile and with enormous potential, aimed at different predators such as black bass and especially perch, as well as sea bass and other medium-sized predators

There Softbait Keitech Hog Impact 4” can be used with primers: jig heads, Drop-Shot, Carolina Rig or as a trailer afloat .

The Keitech Hog Impact 4” Softbait has a particularly alluring movement also thanks to the vibration of its rear claws and two side fins . It is produced with soft materials, of the highest quality and often in two-tone shades, with a different shade on the back and belly.

The exceptional blend that characterizes all softbaits keitech in this case it is combined with an extremely mobile and dynamic lamellar body in the water.

Without neglecting it Strong Squid Scent , now a real trademark of the Japanese company.